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Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Services

Unexpected injuries and emergencies can happen to anyone, not just international adventurers and thrill-seekers. If you experience a medical or security emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll receive help and get the care you need.

Getting the proper evacuation services can be challenging and expensive depending on your location. While your private health insurance may provide coverage for your medical expenses outside your country of residence, most health providers don’t provide coverage for emergency evacuation services or field rescue. Global Rescue memberships provide supplemental non-insurance evacuation and rescue services. By adding a Global Rescue membership to your travel insurance plan, you can have peace of mind knowing you can be evacuated quickly in the event of illness, injury, terrorism, natural disaster, and more.

You can benefit from a Global Rescue membership if you:

  • May need emergency transport to a hospital
  • May need repatriation to your home hospital for inpatient care
  • Participate in activities that carry a high risk of injury
  • Frequently visit remote or dangerous areas
  • Travel multiple times throughout the year but don’t always purchase travel insurance
  • Want evacuation and rescue benefits in addition to your private health insurance
  • Want additional travel services including assistance for lost passports, medical advisory, and legal locator services

Why supplement your travel insurance plan with a Global Rescue membership?

  • No activity exclusions. Many travel insurance plans have exclusions for extreme activities like BASE jumping or motorsports, but evacuation memberships don’t have these activity restrictions.
  • No residency restrictions.
  • Rescue services. Whether you’re traveling close to home or to another country, a Global Rescue membership can provide rescue and transport services from the point of illness or injury.
  • You can purchase an annual membership. If you travel multiple times throughout the year, but you don’t always purchase travel insurance, an annual evacuation and rescue membership can protect you year-round even when you don’t have a travel insurance plan in place.
  • You don’t have to file any claims or pay a deductible. You pay for your membership up front, and you don’t have to file any claims, submit paperwork, or pay a deductible should you use the evacuation services. Everything is included in your membership fee.

Common trips where a non-insurance Global Rescue membership is needed:

  • Traveling to developing nations or countries with limited infrastructure
  • Traveling to an area with health concerns, safety threats, or risks of violence
  • Visiting an area prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, or volcanic activity
  • Adventure activities or extreme sports like skydiving, cave diving, or BASE jumping
  • Expeditions in avalanche-prone areas, backcountry hiking, or remote mountain climbing

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  • Worldwide emergency evacuation
  • Rescue from point of injury
  • Hospital transport
  • Medical and security advisory services
  • 24/7/365 travel assistance
  • In-house expertise
  • Destination reports and alerts

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  • Holidays/Vacations
  • Excursions/Expeditions
  • Adventure Travelers

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